Punjabi Dhol

Punjabi Dhol

We provide a group zealous dhol players. This team has the ability to make everyone stand up and dance to their beats. Our team is overloaded with energetic and enthusiastic performers who enjoy entertaining you as much as you like getting entertained.

Punjabi Singer

Punjabi Singer

There are many singers out there but nobody can match a true Punjabi Singer. We provide an excellent Punjabi Singer who has a strong voice and is capable of singing super hit songs of all time. He will bring out your inner child to dance along with his songs. He is sure to reach your hearts with his great vocals.

Rajasthani Langa Dance

Rajasthani Langa Dance

Fortunately, we have a great Langa Dance Group who can bring any person’s attention towards them. Our group is well trained and is led by a Langa Dance Scholar who will create, for you, lots of memories for life from their performance.

Puppet show

Rajasthani Puppet Show

Remember when our parents use to take us to see the Rajasthani Kathputhli Show? Ah, what nostalgia! Well, we Dholwala have exclusive Rajasthani Puppet Show. Now it is your turn to rekindle those memories with your little ones. Stories of our kathputli shows outline our cultural values and essential life lessons.

Rajasthni Ghoomar dance

Rajasthani Ghoomar

Ghoomar is the most preferred dance in major Rajasthani weddings. Rajasthani Ghoomar has now achieved iconic limelight. It has achieved international recognition now. We have performers who are the best Ghoomar dancers ever. Ghoomar dance is the most complicated and difficult dance form, yet our crew carries its difficulty with great ease and grace.

Bhangra Group

Any Punjabi wedding is incomplete without Bhangra. We Dholwala provide you with a lively bunch of professional Bhangra performers that won’t stop until you are thoroughly entertained. They will make you dance to their beats, with their dynamic performance. They bring in the excitement and joy among their viewers.

Boliya Tappe

Boliya Tappe

Boliya Tappe is the most fun-filled event during the wedding season. The fun doubles when enjoyed with an expert! We provide you with an expert group that possesses a melodious voice which will make your Boliyan Tappe an entertaining and memorable event.

Rajasthani Kachhi Ghodi

Rajasthani Kachhi Ghodi

Kachhi Ghodi has always been and will always be part of our Culture. We provide Kachhi Ghodi with great designs that will bedazzle you. Our performers are talented and come with great experience. They expertise in this traditional art form and display a show of awesome tricks of dance.

Rajasthani Turi dance

Rajasthani Turi

Rajasthani Turi is one of the most beautiful traditional dance forms and it looks even more pleasing when performed by the masters of the craft. We have a team of professional Turi Dancers that expertise in balancing the pots with dancing. This art, though difficult, is performed effortlessly by our crew. We aim to create some mesmerizing experience for our audience.

Rajasthani Kalbelia Dance

Rajasthani Kalbelia Dance

The Kalbelia dance, performed as a celebration, is an integral part of Kalbelia culture. Our Kalbelia dancers are the Kalbelia people themselves, who engage in their folk dance with great pride and ensure that you feel the same. Kalbelia looks great in movies, ever thought how will you feel while watching a live performance? Well, think no more because we have brought you the best artists. These performers are known to reverberate the event with joy and happiness.

We also offer entertainment services like


It is always amusing to watch the balancing act of a juggler, juggling too many things in those two hands. Juggling is an amazing talent but is not everyone’s cup of tea. Our very own juggler looks like a masterpiece as he effortlessly balances his items to entertain you.

Tattoo Artist

We believe in going forward with the latest trends but never forgetting the roots. So we have taken a step towards the latest trend. We provide a tattoo service. An expert who designs some cool and trending tattoos of whatever kind you desire.

Shehnai Show

Shehnai is a musical instrument that forms a vital part of Indian culture. It has the most diverting tune. Our Shehnai Show is one of a kind! Our players create and maintain a sense of auspiciousness and sanctity among the listeners in the events.

Lighting Service

Lighting is a crucial aspect of any celebration. It provides a visual treat to the audience and generates a sense of excitement. But where will you find the best lighting service in Bangalore? Well, we fulfill this requirement as well. We offer the best lighting services for celebrations.

Stick Man

Stick Man is the tallest person in the event whose sole purpose is to entertain you with their theatrics. You will feel as if the circus has come to your wedding which will bring all the childhood memories that you made with your parents at the circus.

Magic Show

This aspect of entertainment is adored by almost everyone. Who doesn’t love magic? These days’ magic tricks are revealed online but our magician rolls out new magic tricks every time he performs. He is talented enough to make you jump out of your seat in excitement and surprise you with the most amazing tricks that he holds under his sleeves.


Mehndi Application

Mehndi ceremony calls for happiness and joy. It is an important requirement for a wedding. They say the bride is never completely ready without a Mehndi. Applying mehndi is a ritual we all love to follow. We offer our Mehndi experts, who are capable of creating some of the finest wedding designs for your big day.